Saturday, April 30, 2011

Holden's Hope Miss Ludi Mae

Hi all! This is a little late in posting but I wanted yall to meet Miss Ludi Mae. Isn't she just a doll?? I think I could just eat her up! This sweet little girl just turned one not long ago and has the sweetest family. I am friends with her wonderful Aunt Ali and she asked me to share her story with all of you and I am glad she did. You see, this sweet little girl needs lots of prayers for her and her family.
Back in December, sweet Ludi Mae's Daddy, Stephen, was involved in a horrible car accident and went to be with Jesus. This sweet little girl lost her Daddy way before she should have. I can't even pretend to imagine what she is going thru or her amazing Mommy. What a strong woman! When I asked her Mommy, Dori about writing this post for Ludi Mae, I asked her to give me a little bit of background of her and Stephen's life together and this is what she had to say:

Alright, here's a little of our story:
In 1996, Stephen & I met in Geometry class. In a very short time, we became very best friends. We shared a locker, he helped me with boy problems, went out to dinner, etc. etc. In the spring of 1998, he asked me to go to Prom with him, I mean why not? we were best buds. We didn't want it to be weird, so our next dinner together we called it a "date". The rest is history. From Feb 28, 1998 we were inseparable. We dated throughout high school. He graduated in 1999 and started working, I finished high school in 2000 and went off to college. Finally after 8 years of dated, we tied the knot in 2006. We were always just crazy in love. We cooked together, threw cold water on each other in the shower, danced after dinner in our living room, had breakfast in bed, laughed until we cried. Love seems so simple for what we had. In 2008 we decided to try and have a baby. We didn't have much luck, got really discouraged and frustrated, but finally in April 2010, our bundle of joy arrived. Ludi Mae Davis was undoubtedly the "apple of our eyes". We loved being parents and we loved raising a child together. Everything she did was perfect and precious to us. Stephen was my soul-mate, my rock, my spiritual leader, my friend, my confidant, my love. He is now away on vacation with Jesus.

Isn't Dori just amazing?? What an amazing love story they have! Please lift up this sweet girl and her Mommy and their whole family for strength!

This is the sweet outfit that her sweet Aunt Ali ordered for her for her birthday present.

Thank you for stopping in to hear about and pray for this sweet little girl!

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