Hi! I am Emily. I am a Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Granddaughter, and Friend. But the most important thing I am is a wife and a Mom! My husband Jack and I were married in 2007 on an island in south Georgia called Jekyll Island. We LOVE the beach so it was prefect to get married there! A year or so went by and we started talking about wanting to have kids. After trying for about 6 months we were pregnant! We were beyond excited! Soon after that we started taking about how we would decorate a room if we had a boy. {If we had a girl, I already had a bedding set that I had bought at a model home sale a few years back... Just in case we had a girl some day : )} We knew right away that we would want to do a Beach/Surf/Hawaiian themed room! Well we had our boy, named him Holden and he has a rockin Beach/Surf/Hawaiian themed room!

I started trying to sew a few things after I bought a pair of shorts for Holden and wanted a cute personalized shirt to match. I also wanted to make him a high chair/grocery cart cover in the fabric that I wanted and not just buy one. Well that was so much fun I decided to make and try a few more things for some friends of mine and they loved them!

Where did you come up with Holden's Hut you ask? When I started thinking about selling a few thing, nothing sounded better to me than to name it after my son Holden! The "Hut" part came from those little hut's on the beach that sell things of course : )

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