Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hey everyone! I hope that everyone has had a great week! This week was over before I knew it! I have a sale for this weekend! One onesie with matching birp cloth for $25 dollars!
{Ruffle butt onesie $ more}
This I made for someone who ordered it for a baby shower.
These are great for a new baby in your family or a friends. And with the holidays coming up this would make a great present for a new baby or Mommy to be. This sale will go all weekend and end Sunday night! I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, August 23, 2010

This is why...

Just in case you were wondering what made me want to start Holden's Hope, this is why. Look at the smile on sweet little Brianna's face when she got her shirt in the mail! Her Mom Tiffany said that she loved it so much and wanted to put it on right away! She is even going to wear it on Wednesday when she goes to have her surgery. Her shirt is covered in lots of prayers and I just ask for all of you to pray for Miss Brianna too! HERE is a picture from last months Holden's Hope little boy Jed in his shirt! These kids are so cute!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Crayon Holders!

Yesterday I got a surprise and got the day off of work. The little boy I keep during the day wasn't feeling well so his Daddy stayed home from work to watch him. I had a great day spending the whole day with my sweet little {now} 8 month old! During his nap time I came up with this cute little idea. Crayon holders! I have always loved kids and I can't tell you how many times I have from crayons rolling around in the bottom of my purse! HA! But a solution is here! New crayon holders are so great! They hold between 15 and 17 crayons {Because each is done one at a time and sometime one holds more than another}. And they can roll up and tie so you can just throw them in your purse or diaper bag and go! These are perfect for restaurants, the car, on the go, or even just at home! And I am now taking orders! They are $10. These would even be wonderful birthday presents! So get your orders in now! I hope that you are having a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Holden's Hope for August

Meet Brianna. Isn't she just gorgeous?!? She is such a beautiful little girl inside and out. But she has a big problem and needs some extra prayers! This is just a little of what her sweet Mommy Tiffany told me about Brianna...

Brianna was born completely healthy baby but a few days after they got Brianne home, they started to notice that she was spitting up a lot. She was spitting up so much that it was coming out her nose and mouth and even choking her. Her doctors continued to think it was just reflux so for her first year she was on reflux medicine and slept in a bouncer for 6 months. The reflux even got so bad that she would aspirate into her lungs and had bronchitis a few times as well as many ear infections and even tubes.

At the age of 2, they noticed that her speech was very delayed. Her whole family could understand what she was saying but it was hard for others. They took Brianna to several speech therapist and no of them seemed to help.
In February of 2009, at the age of 3, they finally took her into a hospital speech therapist. Within minutes she knew what was wrong with Brianna. She was diagnosed with Sub mucous Cleft Palate. They then were refereed to a surgeon with the Craniofacial team. The doctor ran some test and concluded that Brianna did in fact have the Sub mucous Cleft Palate.

{Brianna with her two little sisters}
What does this mean? This means that Brianna's muscles in her soft palate in the roof of her mouth did not fuse correctly and makes speech hard for her. Some letters such as D and G are harder for her.
Last September, her doctor did surgery to repair her Sub mucous Cleft Palate as well as a
varengealplasty. After her surgery the swelling got so bad that her 2 day stay in the hospital turned into a 7 day stay in the PICU since it was so hard for her to breath. However during the surgery they over corrected her problem so now back to surgery she may have to go.

On August 18th she will go back to the hospital and have a scope with a camera on the end check to see how things are and what kind of surgery she will have on August 25th. They will either repair the first surgery and just be able to fit it or have to do another surgery where the might have to take some skin and muscle from the back of her throat and attach it to her palate.
All of this while never complaining about anything.
Wow! What an amazing little girl!
I think that she was prefect for this month's Holden's Hope shirt!
So with all of that being said, make sure you send me all of your nominations for September's shirt!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Holden's Hope

Hey yall! I hope that you have all had a great week! So I just wanted to fill everyone in on Holden's Hope. I finally decided on Holden's Hope as the name for the prayer shirt/ onesie that I am doing once a month. It just seemed to be perfect and I just kept coming back to it. Thank you all for all of the other WONDERFUL suggestions! I loved them all so much! Holden's Hope just seemed to be the perfect fit : ) For all of our new followers you can CLICK HERE to see the little boy who received the Holden's Hope shirt last month. So I have a new idea to go along with Holden's Hope. I have been thinking about doing this for awhile and a sweet fan on facebook suggested this also today. I am going to start selling Holden's Hope shirts all month long. If you know someone who just needs some extra prayers now you can buy them their own special prayer shirt or onsie. These are going to be $15 and would be perfect for a little boy or girl in need or extra prayers or for a little one who has someone in their family is sick and they might feel a little left out.
I didn't blog about another Holden's Hope onsie that I sent out last month. I sent on to a friend of mine named Ali that I have been friends with since high school. She has a super cute little baby boy named Cooper who was born in April and in May (?) her husband, Chris, found out he has cancer.
These kinds of families are perfect for the Holden's Hope shirts! I still am going to continue to do a Holden's Hope that I send once a month on the 16th {this month's little girl is just precious! Just wait until you meet her!} So keep sending me names! I just know there are a lot of little ones and families that need as many prayers as they can get so we want to help as much as we can! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just a little sneak peek...

Hey yall! I hope that everyone has had a great beginning on the week! I have been super busy filing orders, working and most importantly spending lots of time with my awesome husband and sweet baby boy! I did have a little time while working on orders to get some Fall/Halloween fabric was able to make this super cute little onsie! I have many other designs that I am working on now but I just wanted to give you a little sneak peek as to what is coming : ) Have a great night and awesome day tomorrow!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Hey everyone! I hope that you are all having a WONDERFUL week!! We have had a super busy week and it has been wonderful! I have had lots of orders come in and can't wait to finish all of them and get them out. If you are a friend of Holden's Hut on Facebook , then you know all about our super 50% off sale that we have going on this week! Everything in our store is 50% {this however does not include high chair/ grocery cart covers as I make them almost at cost.....BUT if you buy a cover this week you will get a free tee or onsie!!} Also don't forget about our awesome giveaway over at Mommy Octopus! If you haven't gone by to check her out yet you just HAVE too! She has the best money saving tips! Happy Thursday!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Giveaway Time!

Hey y'all! Don't y'all just love giveaways! I have an awesome friend over at Mommy Octopus who is doing another giveaway for me! Looking for a deal on something?? You HAVE to go and check her out! She always has amazing deals and giveaways! She let's you know what things are on sale in your local stores {i.e. grocery, clothing, online, and MUCH MUCH more} and how you can combine coupons to get the cheapest price! Doesn't that sound just wonderful?!?! And she does all of this with three kidos + one on the way and Homeschooling her kids!! Super Mom?? I think so!! So head on over right now and check her out and the awesome giveaway that she is hosting for me!! Click HERE for the giveaway and HERE for her on facebook! Good luck!!