Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holden's Hope Miss Taylor

Hey yall! Meet this BEAUTIFUL little girl named Taylor! Isn't she seriously the prettiest baby?? Taylor was born just on May 1st and she is one lucky little girl. Want to know why? She has FOUR personal guardian angels looking over her each and every day. Three big sisters Heidi, Paige and Lily and one big brother Rylan.

 You see, Taylor's Mommy, Lauren, and Daddy, Josh, were expecting Quads back in 2009 and lost them all to Jesus. Heidi was first at 17 weeks and her sisters and brother followed at 22 weeks. I started following Lauren's blog when she was on bedrest in the hospital with the Quads and let me just tell you how amazing her and Josh are! They have gone thru so much and now have this beautiful little girl Taylor to hold and keep forever.

And check out these AMAZING photos of newborn Taylor.
Here is one of her with her Mommy...

And her Daddy...

And just her...

Can you just feel the love in the pictures??

Oh Miss Taylor you are soo loved and your Mommy and Daddy wanted you so bad and now you are here! {Also on another note- the blog world, including me, is so happy you are here and a healthy little girl}

Congrats Lauren and Josh for being parents again!!

To follow along with Josh, Lauren and Taylor you can find her blog HERE

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  1. Emily, I am so honored that you featured us on your blog. Thank you so so much!