Friday, July 16, 2010

Holden's ????

There is this little boy named Holden.

He s my life and I am just crazy about him.

When he was born, he had seizures and a stroke. And now at 7 months old he is doing wonderful and seizure free!! I was so lucky to have so many people praying for us after he was born. After all, it was a very rough start for both of us. Now we are doing wonderful and I thank God for a healthy little boy!

However, I am addicted {a little..... ok a lot : ) } to blogging and if you are a blogger like me and love finding new ones you will see that some kids aren't so lucky. I have one blog that I have been reading for awhile about a little boy named Jedidiah. In March, sweet little Jed was diagnosed with cancer at the tiny age of 3. He is such a sweet little boy and I love reading about how he is doing every time his Mom updates their blog.

So....... what am I getting to...?? After starting this new sewing adventure in my life, I decided one day that I wanted to start sending shirts to babies or kids once a month that maybe just need a prayer for them.

First up...Jed! I made this shirt for him earlier today and prayed for him the entire time! I love how it turned out and can't wait to send it it him!

To read more about Jed and his battle fighting cancer click HERE!

So now is where I need your help! I am going to continue doing this once a month right now! I may decided to do this more just depending on how many request I get. So I would love for you to send me an e-mail of someone who you think would be prefect for August's shirt!

I also want your help on coming up with a name for this! I threw around a couple in my head like Holden's Hope or Hope from Holden or Holden's Love but none of them just seem to be perfect. So what do you think? Who want's to share in this journey with me??

If you think of an awesome name or someone who you think might need a shirt full of lots of love : ) just leave me a comment or e-mail me!


  1. Thank you so very much!!!! I can't wait to get Jed's shirt. This is such a great idea and I am thankful that Jed will have more prayers going up for him from your blog readers. Thanks again. Your prayers are priceless to us!

  2. Hi! I ran across your blog through Jed's blog! Prayers will be going up for your son and all those you make shirts for! After reading your blog I came up with Holden Michael's Hallelujah Makers! Good luck with your sewing adventure!

  3. Girl, I've got the sweetest little darlin' to tell you about! I'll message you!