Friday, January 7, 2011

New Blankets

I am super excited to show you these new blankets that I am now selling!! I had this one that I had been wanting to put something on and I figured what else would be perfect to put on it than Holden's name. : )

They are super big and measure 50 inches by 60 inches. They come with one letter only and are $20. {The letter is about 6-8 inches tall}

But the thing is these are perfect to be personalized! {For only $2 a letter}

And if you want a special saying or something just send my a quick e-mail and I will see what I can do for ya! : )

I think Holden loves his blanket as much as I do. Plus they are great for kids learning the letters in their name!

Or for just playing peek a boo with a sweet little 1 year old.

So show away! These might just be one of my favorite items ever and I am actually making another one this weekend for Holden's Hope for January's little girl and her family.


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