Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Pinterest creation!

Y'all I am having so much fun trying out lots of new recipes and crafts and what nots off of pinterest! A few weeks ago I made this but just got around to hanging it in my bathroom today. It sits perfectly between my closet and shower and I LOVE how it turned out! I took the idea off of pinterest but did add my own spin on it. And I might be a little partial, but I do have to say I like mine better! I even personalized it with our wedding date. : ) {mine of course are the top and bottom pics. They other was the one off of pinterest}

Last night we even had a pinterest party and tried out lots of recipes and they were all soo good! It was super fun!! I'll have to do a separate post just on all the yumminess we had!

Anyone else trying out a bunch of things off of pinterest?? I would live to hear what you have made and liked!!

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