Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holden's Hope Week 2 Bayleigh and Gage

This by far may be one of or the hardest post I have ever had to write. I'm not sure where to start so I'll start at the VERY beginning about 20 years ago. Yeah seriously. When I was 4, my two sisters and I stayed with the most amazing babysitters in the whole world! It was a mother {Bobbie} and daughter{Julie} who kept us. Well Bobbie came from a family that was very close and she was one of 7 girls! Her younger sister Leisha lived only a few houses down {and still does} and she has two daughters Amie and Kayla. Are ya still with me? I know this can get confusing. So anyways Kayla was just a little older than me and we were best friends. We spent countless summers and days after school together. Many slumber parties and family trips. And Amie was older so she would come over and babysit a lot of night when my parents would go out. So you see I have know them forever and have been very close to them for a long time. We have kinda lost being close over the years. I think it just happens in life sometimes. We run into each other and check up on each other often. Kayla and I even have boys just a few months apart!
On October 25th, I got terrible news. Their Mom Leisha had been in a terrible car accident. It was a single car accident and when the accident happened, she was struck on the side of her head and this cause her skull to break off and enter  her brain. From this injury, she had to have surgery and the part of her brain removed that controls her language and speech, vision and hearing. The doctors have said that she may never be able to comprehend language again. Never be able to say her children's names. What horrible news to hear. But she is proving them wrong a little at a time! Today she is still in the hospital. Every day all you can do is pray that the doctors are wrong and she will be ok!
Leisha as two beautiful grandchildren named Bayleigh and Gage. That are such wonderful children and need lots of prayers for their Nana to recover right now! So this week's Holden's Hope goes to them! I am sorry for not including any pictures of them today but will do so tomorrow with a picture of Oakley's shirt as well!
Please lift up this family in your prayers today! They need as much as they can get! To follow along with Leisha's progress click HERE.


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