Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Go-To Gal

When I considered starting my own little Holden's Hut shop I had a lot to think about to get the word out. Do I want to have a blog? A Facebook page? An Etsy account? How am I going to let people know what I do? These along with many other questions came to mind. I of course decided on a blog and Facebook page for now but who knows what the future might hold! : )
When I decided to start my own blog, I knew that I wanted it to be something extra cute and wanted something that I wanted. Not something that someone had designed and place on their blog as free backgrounds {not that I don't LOVE those because that is what I have on my Family blog} but something that no one else had. I had played around with designing my own background and whatnots in the spring but never really got into it. While learning about how to design backgrounds and whatnots for a blog, I somehow ran across Key Lime Digital Design and love everything I saw! I met the owner Kendra and she helped me big time when I made my own background. Well I decided designing backgrounds for me right now, so I sent an e-mail to Kendra to ask her her thoughts about if she could help me or even make one for me. And what do you know she said yes! And I LOVE my background here and blog layout better than ANY one I have ever seen anywhere!
A few weeks ago, I started thinking about Mr. Holden's first birthday which is coming up way too fast! I wanted again some super cute first birthday cards without paying an arm and a leg. We knew we wanted a rocking beach party theme and I couldn't find any picture invites that I just loved. So what did I do you ask?? I went straight to my Go-To Gal Kendra at Key Lime Digital Designs! She made the most adorable birthday invites EVER for me! {I will share them.. but not until after his actual birthday}
So stop on by her website now and check out her adorable cards that she as for sale for the holidays!


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