Friday, December 17, 2010

Holden's Hope Week 3 Asher

This Holden's Hope is an extra special one. That is because it is going to these two's little one who isn't even born yet. Meet Leslie and Josh. Aren't they just adorable?? They are waiting on the arrival of their son Asher who is due in January. Asher is an extra special little baby because he is being adopted by Leslie and Josh! : ) Here is their story:

We tried for over 2 years to conceive, and no luck.  We went through about 6 months of fertility treatments, loads of injections and hormones, and still no luck.  The stress and raging hormones almost broke our marriage before we decided that our destroying our commitment to each other wasn't worth it just for a baby.  So around January 2010 we started praying about what God would have us do...he had definitely placed the desire in both our hearts to have children some way, somehow.  We waited, and waited, and waited.  And in July, we both really felt like He was calling us to foster care. So, in August we started that process.  The first week of October, we completed our last home visit from the social worker, and were in the process of waiting for the state.  The nursery was ready, the house was in order, and the paperwork was done.  We even had a few baby showers planned in the month of November to help us stock up on all sorts of goodies for the kiddos we would welcome in our home.  Then I got the phone call...
A friend of our family is a pastor of a church back home.  He had heard we were doing foster care, and were hoping to eventually adopt from the 
foster care system.  After he said hello and introduced himself, he said "A couple in my church wants to give their baby up for adoption, do you want it?"  Of course I said yes!  Then I told him I needed to call Josh before I confirmed that for sure.  ;)  So, after talking to Josh and getting the okay, we set up a meeting with the birth parents the 2nd weekend in October.  We all immediately hit it off, and as we were leaving, they asked if we would parent their baby.  We are soooooooooo excited!  :)  Since then, the birth parents have met our parents, and we found out we are having a baby boy!  Asher Grant is due January 17, but will likely be induced the week before that.  The birth parents are both new Christians, and feel like they won't be able to give this sweet baby the chance he needs in life.  They have so much love for him, and want him to have every opportunity that they haven't had.  So pray for them as well!

What an amazing story that they have! I am so excited to be able to make this onesie for them!


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